Why Kinderdance® was Created:

The Importance of Mind/ Body connection in young children

Kinderdance® was born out of the desire to involve as many young children as possible in a developmental movement program, which blends academics, in order to prepare children for the challenges that they will face throughout their growth.  The Kinderdance® programs were designed to prepare children physically, mentally, emotionally and cognitively to become successful students and adults.

The mind/body connection for preschool age children is of paramount importance as noted in the 1979 study released by the Department of Education in Washington, DC. This study demonstrated that there is concern for our nation’s young children and their lack of preparedness to enter Kindergarten. These concerns still plague us today, though some for different reasons.

Children, who are not confident with their own movement personality and skills and who have not developed strong identities or had the opportunity to develop and test their overall abilities, tend not to develop a strong self.-esteem. These students often continue to play catch-up throughout their school years, which can lead to frustration and drop out.

A developmentally-designed movement program, like Kinderdance®, will give a young child confidence in their body and enhance their ability to learn and grow. Taking their growing nervous system into account, Kinderdance® programs also help to ensure that a child's mind and body are working as one, thus creating healthy, happy children.

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Kinderdane East Bay offers 5 developmental movement classes for children, ages 2 years- 9 years:


Kinderdance® (Levels 1-3)

Kindergym® (Levels 1-2)



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